Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Review: Benefit Rockateur

Today I am going to review the Benefit rockateur. The rockateur is a beautiful rose pick colour with a little hint of rose-gold, it's perfect for a little add of colour it reflects the light which gives a illuminating look. The rockateur blush has a beautiful creamy texture and it's amazing to blend it's totally blend-able. I love this product it's compact, simple, easy excess and travel friendly.
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Review: Body Shop Pressed Powder

After a week of crying of happiness from watching gossip girl, revising for mock exams and being over tired I am here today wrapped up in my dressing gown about to give you a review of the Body shop pressed powder.
The Body Shop isn't usually where I get my make-up therefore this being my first body shop make-up product I have ever used and so far I'm really impressed.
 I really like this product but it's a little too dark/orange for me so when I use the pressed powder I try not the use a lot, also if you 'cake' it on it will look 'caked' on so just don't over use it. other than those couple of comments I really liked this product it made me matte and give a little colour and most days I don't wear foundation, (don't take that as I won't need to wear foundation) if I wear this because the product because it gives me a light coverage. overall i've been really enjoying this product!
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: Two Hair Products

This is a review about Moroccan-oil and Batiste firstly, I just need to say that I love these two products amazingly I think they are hair savers and the moroccan-oil is great for helping my hair to be healthy and to help with slit ends and the Batiste helps with second day so if my hair gets a little oily and this batiste makes my hair feel and look fresher. 

Firstly the Moroccan-oil makes my hair feel smooth, soft and makes my hair feel and look a lot better/nicer. Using this oil has made my hair more manageable and a lot easier to handle. I love the packaging  and the pump makes it easy with 2-3 pumps it's just the right amount. 

Batiste this is the prefect product when your hairs looking a little greasy or feeling a little greasy and it's always good to have it just in chase. This product also gives volume so if your someone who has flat and dull hair this is great as it's cheap and easy. 

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thrilling Dress!!

 I wore this outfit on Saturday at a family friends 70th birthday meal, though this outfit may look like it's sunny but this day was a little cold and very windy but I spend most of the day inside so thankfully I didn't get too cold and if I were going to be outside more that day I would be okay because  I had my jacket so I wouldn't get too cold.
So on to the outfit firstly, the dress is a really exciting and fun dress with a little added fish net lace around the hips and chest which gives the effect of slimmer hips and I just think it adds to the excitement and fun of the dress, which is also what I think the shoe's bring to the outfit, the little edge of the outfit. As the dress and shoes aren't very casual so I added the hat and leather jacket to make it more casual and here's a little summary of the outfit do look down for more information about the items.
Dress from Topshop
Jacket from  Dorothy prekins
Hat from Select, £7.99
Shoes from BooHoo
Lipstick from Relvon

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Hat =
Lipstick =||0

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

O.P.I & ButterLondon Nail Polish Review

 Today I am going to review these two nail polish. The first one is from O.P.I and the second is from ButterLondon, I love these two colours I love the first colour because it's prefect for autumn  and works really well with lots of outfits, I also love the ButterLondon nail polish because it's fun and colourful.
 Firstly, the O.P.I formula is very nice it's easy to apply and you get a good strong colour from two coats, it lasts about 5-7 days, I think the colour works really well for autumn and winter and its reflects with the light and shines as a reflection.
Secondly,  The ButterLondon formula is really good and long lasting and I think it's just a really pretty colour and adds a touch of fun with its sparkles, it's a colourful and fun nail polish.
O.P.I - Warm Me Up
ButterLondon - Lovely Jubbly

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O.P.I =

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Review- Sleek 'Face Contour Kit'

This week I am going to do a little review on a product of mine which is very special to me and I use it almost everyday.
I think it's the prefect contour which gives my face shape and definition.
In the contour kit there is a Contour and a high light, they both are highly pigmented and the high light is a perfect bright, Champaign colour and goes well together with the contour, you are left with a beautiful definite face, that light bounces off of. They're blend-able and easy to apply and basically, it's a prefect product. 

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Contour Kit -

Also, here is a blog post I used the contour in: